Saturday Hike in Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

Forks of the Credit Road, is infamous for motorcycle rides in the fall. It is a narrow, two lane road with twists, turns and huge dips that will make your stomach rise to your throat. Last year, I planned on going on my motorcycle, but got into my accident before I got the chance to, so I decided to do the drive this year. It is located within Forks of the Credit Provincial Park in Caledon, Ontario, about an hour north of the city of Toronto. The park is on the famous Bruce Trail which is the oldest and longest hiking trail in Canada as well as the Ontario Greenbelt. I ended parking within the park where I had to unexpectedly pay a machine $5.25 for a display-on-dashboard ticket for 2-hours.

This was a hike I did on impulse therefore didn’t really plan ahead and the only thing I knew about this trail was that there was an old mill and a waterfall somewhere. All I ate prior to the hike was a peanut butter sandwich and all I had on me other than my camera gear was my 1L Nalgene water bottle. I figured it couldn’t be THAT far. The hike to the falls was about 20-30 min (one way). It was very scenic, especially with the fall colours, also very hilly. The terrain was a mix of mud and rocks and was also very uneven at times. I spent about an hour taking pictures at the falls as well as the remnants of the mill which is now only broken pieces of concrete and rebar.

I’m pretty happy with the photos I came up with and it might’ve been my best session to date in my new photographic career. It was especially sweet because it was grey and snowing when I first arrived, not to mention that it was the first snowfall I’ve seen this season. Thankfully, the photo gods blessed me as the sun peaked out of the clouds a few times, long enough for me to take a few long-exposure shots.      treeholevertical blackholesun SetMeFree Leavesandsky hairygrasslumps ForksofCreditFall


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